Monday, July 18, 2011

...We all scream for ICE CREAM

This is round 2 of my ice cream experimentation. After making my super easy creamy ice cream, I wanted to find a Paleo ice cream that was just as easy to make, dairy free, low sugar, and that didn't need a machine. I found a couple of sites with different variations, but these recipes seemed to be the best. The result definitely isn't as rich and creamy as the first ice cream, but it is very refreshing.  Again, there are many "add-ins" and flavors you can experiment with. The frozen bananas are what give it the ice cream consistency. So now I want to start keeping frozen, sliced bananas in the freezer for when I am craving ice cream.  I made a chocolate, almond butter, and toffee ice cream that was delicious! Hope you are enjoying National Ice Cream Month :)



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