Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flowers make me SMILE

I just love flowers. Something about them brings a smile to face everytime! I try to have fresh flowers in my house as often as possible!

This summer I decided to have a flower garden instead of a vegetable garden. Last year my tomatoes were out of control! They just kept growing until they took over the small bed. I also tried to grow artichokes last year…again a crazy looking plant that didn’t produce any artichokes! When I have more space I will try to plant more veggies again.
I have a few different flowers in my garden. I love sitting outside and looking at them! I didn’t realize it when I was buying them but I have lots of pinks and red flowers. My Lilies were my favorite! They bloomed soon after putting them in the ground and had the most beautiful yellow and orange colors. My Daylilies are trying hard to survive but not sure if they are going to make it. Surprisingly my strawberries came back this year (they haven’t flowered yet though). There is also another flower/plant that I came back from last year that is huge (I threw a bunch of seeds in the ground last summer and not sure what type of flower it is).  I am looking forward to spending lots of time outside on my little patio/backyard and enjoying my flowers this year :)


  1. Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. --Luther Burbank

  2. Your MAMA posted that quote.. -- why did it say it was from you?

  3. and how do you cook with your flowers? hmmmm

  4. I haven't cooked with flowers...but I have made edible flowers with icing :)